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Davinci Group is a technology consultant focused on secure digital cloud platforms with more than 20 years of experience. Ackstorm Davinci Cloud are cloud architect experts and they are defined by the constant and evolving monitoring of their projects. They combine different work methodologies with the purpose of providing improved services, adaptability, scalability in infrastructure and freedom, according to the Cloud model chosen by their client: public, private or hybrid. They are Support, and Customer Service and Systems Administration, all of which guarantee the quality of service and close technical dialogue. According to ECSO RADAR taxonomy this company has the following capabilities:Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond


Consultants, Audit and Engineering Companies


  • AI & Big Data
  • Cloud & Edge Computing

Products, services and capacities

  • Anti Spam
  • Application Security
  • Backup / Storage Security
  • CI/CD
  • Cloud Acces Security
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud Data Protection
  • Cloud Native Security
  • Cloud Support
  • Cost Control
  • Critical Events
  • DDoS protection
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Insights
  • Data Management
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Warehousing & Data Lake
  • DevOps
  • Environment Management(Staging/Dev/Test/Prod)
  • Evolving Architecture
  • Firewalls / NextGen Firewalls
  • Governance
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Incident Response Services (CSIRT aaS)
  • Infraestructure as Code
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Kubernetes Stack
  • Monitoring & Observability
  • Multicloud Management
  • PCI-DSS compliant
  • Remote Access / VPN
  • Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • SIEM / Event Correlation Solutions
  • Software & Security Lifecycle Management
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Vulnerability Management


  • Education, Training and Editorial Services
  • Fashion and Textile
  • Logistics, Transport and E-commerce
  • Smart Industry and 3D Printing

Activity classification (NACE)

  • 6209 - Other information technology and computer service activities
  • 6190 - Other telecommunications activities

Other information

  • Founded: 2002

Last time updated January 2022


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