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Aistech Space combines its expertise in geospatial analysis with its own constellation of small satellites and supporting infrastructure to provide solutions that help clients understand and monitor their assets. They leverage their strategic space capabilities (remote bidirectional communications, air traffic monitoring, and thermal infrared remote sensing) to help their customers make better, data-driven decisions. They have developed a first-in-kind commercial high-resolution (HR) thermal infrared (TIR) telescope for small satellites, which will be capable of monitoring large areas, reducing costs, and offering solutions for organizations around the world.


Service Providers


  • Drones

Products, services and capacities

  • Airline Fleet CO2 emissions reporting
  • Algal Blooms Monitoring
  • Bathymetry Analysis
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Crop Risk Analysis
  • Deforestation and fire hazard monitoring
  • Delivery of ADS-B Raw Data
  • Fish Farm Monitoring
  • Fishing Intelligence Platform
  • HR imagery
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Monitoring Environmental Risk from Mining Activity
  • Monitoring dust ingestion of aircraft engines
  • Monitoring of land-use changes
  • Near Infrared Imagery
  • Predictive maintenance based on data fusion for aviation applications
  • Satellite-based HR digital surface models
  • Surface Water Monitoring
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Visible Imagery
  • Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring


  • Agriculture
  • Energy and Resources
  • Infrastructures and Construction
  • Other Transportation Industries

Activity classification (NACE)

  • 6311 - Data processing, hosting and related activities
  • 6190 - Other telecommunications activities

Last time updated January 2022


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