Charles River Laboratories España

A company located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) and included in the Catalonia Industry Suppliers directory

Charles River Laboratories España

Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)



In 1947, a young veterinarian purchased one thousand rat cages from a Virginia farm and set up a one-man laboratory in Boston, overlooking the Charles River. In an effort to fulfill the regional need for laboratory animal models, he bred, fed and cared for the animals and personally delivered them to local researchers. Today, Charles River looks like a very different company, a worldwide support network which specialises in the research and testing.


Service Providers


  • Omic Sciences

Products, services and capacities

  • Animal Health Surveillance
  • Anti-Infective & Vaccine Challenge Studies Stability Testing
  • Avian Antigens & Antisera
  • Avian Diagnostic & Regulatory Testing
  • Bioactivity & Potency Testing
  • Bioanalytical Services
  • Biomarker Services
  • Cell Line Characterization
  • Chicken Cell Products
  • Clinical Kitting Services
  • Contamination & Impurity Testing
  • DMPK ADME Studies
  • Discovery Facilities
  • Environmental Safety
  • Formulation & Product Chemistry
  • Genetic Testing Services
  • Genetically Engineered Animal Models & Services
  • Genomics Services
  • IND-Enabling Studies
  • Immunology Testing
  • Integrated Drug Discovery
  • Lot & Final Drug Product Release Testing
  • Mycoplasma & Salmonella Pullorum Plate Antigens & Control Sera
  • Pathology Services
  • Pharmacology Studies
  • Preclinical GLP Toxicology Studies
  • Preclinical Imaging & Radiochemistry
  • Preclinical Species
  • Preconditioning Services
  • Protein Characterization
  • QC Microbial Solutions
  • Research Animal Models
  • Safety Pharmacology Studies
  • Scientific & Regulatory Advisory Services
  • Screening & Profiling Assays
  • Specific-Pathogen-Free (SPF) Chickens
  • Specific-Pathogen-Free Chicken (SPF) Eggs
  • Staffing & Operations Support
  • Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND)
  • Training
  • Training / Staffing & Operations Support
  • Vaccine Support Services
  • Viral Clearance Studies

Activity classification (NACE)

  • 4623 - Wholesale of live animals
  • 7120 - Technical testing and analysis

Last time updated January 2022

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