A company located in Sant Julià del Llor i Bonmatí (Girona) and included in the Catalonia Industry Suppliers directory


Sant Julià del Llor i Bonmatí (Girona)

  • 2-5M € TURNOVER
  • 10-50 EMPLOYEES


Gerio is the marketed brand of the products by Configirona, a family-owned manufacturer and packager of candies and chocolates that sells to the consumer market, restaurants and hotels.


Manufacturers and Producers


  • No technology assigned

Products, services and capacities

  • Anise Candy
  • Artisan Toffelino Candy
  • Assorted Tartuffo Chocolates
  • Assortment of Flavoured Sugar Free Chocolates
  • Balsamic Eucalyptus Candy
  • Big Lemon Candy Slices
  • Big Orange Candy Slices
  • Brittle Bonbon Candy
  • Candy Assortment
  • Candy Flowers
  • Chocolate Pearls
  • Coffee
  • Creamy Toffee Candy
  • Fruit Filled Hard Candies
  • Fruit Mix Jelly
  • Fruit Toffee Candy
  • Gercola Candy
  • Germiel Candy
  • Hazelnut Bonbon
  • Honey Filled Hard Candies
  • Jelly Stevia Candies
  • Liquorice Candy
  • Marshmallow Funny Animals
  • Menthol Eucalyptus Candy
  • Mini Candies Sour Fruits
  • Mini Candies Strong Menthol
  • Mini Lollipops
  • Mini Sweets with Liquorice
  • Neapolitans
  • Orange and Lemon Hard Candy Mix
  • Pearls Candy
  • Seashells Candy
  • Skaty Cold Candy
  • Skaty Milk Bonbon
  • Skaty Red Bonbon
  • Sparkling Candy (Popping Candy)
  • Sugar Free Brittle Bonbon
  • Sugar Free Neapolitans
  • Sugar Free Spirals
  • Sugar Free Violets Candy
  • Toffeechocolate Candy
  • Varied Gluten Free Sweets Jar
  • Violets Candy
  • White Mint Candy
  • coffee Grain
  • coffee Grain Bonbon
  • coffee Latte Shake


  • Diet and nutrition
  • Food

Activity classification (NACE)

  • 1082 - Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery

Other information

  • Founded: 1989
  • Brands: Gerio, Geriovit
  • Exporting to: Andorra, France, Italy, Portugal

Last time updated September 2021

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