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Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)



LADYCEL is a leading company in manufacture and distribution of disposable material. We have more than 30 years of experience. Seriousness, experience and the guarantee of certified quality in all their products, together with an excellent human team always delivered to serve our customers, it has granted them the appreciated confidence of them, satisfied with their company over the years.


Distributors and Traders. Manufacturers and Producers


  • No technology assigned

Products, services and capacities

  • 5D magnifiers with Led light
  • Accessories for hands and feet
  • Aluminium paper rolls
  • Bands for hair removal
  • Beard-covers protectors
  • Bedcovers & sheets various sizes
  • Berets / caps and hairbands
  • Centerfeed & lever hand dryers
  • Centerfeed mini-hand towel
  • Cleansing and disinfection products
  • Clothing and products of cabin in cotton towelling
  • Covers for pindas or earphones
  • Depilation accessories
  • Depilation rolls
  • Disposable wax cartouche
  • Gel soap
  • Gloves and masks
  • Hair dye & comb capes / aprons and other single-use garments
  • Hand Dryers
  • Headrest protector
  • Heaters
  • Industrial reel holders
  • Instrumental sterilizer
  • Liposoluble canned wax
  • Low fusion wax in disks
  • Manufacture of rolls in different heights
  • Mask w/valve
  • Massage and anticellulite oils
  • Multipurpose rolls and facial tissue
  • Napkins
  • Overalls: wrapping sheets and miscellaneous
  • Ozone vaporizer
  • Paper bins and facial tissue
  • Paper carpet
  • Paraffin
  • Plastified couch rolls
  • Polypropylen continuous & precut paper
  • Polypropylene bags and linens
  • Posthair removal cosmetics & wax cleaning tools
  • Pre-cut or continuous curled paper
  • Pressed cellulose
  • Pressotherapy kimonos / growns / wraps and pants
  • Razors
  • Rolls dispensers for massage beds
  • Rough paper resistant to liquids
  • SPUN-LACED mittens
  • Shoes / booties / shoe covers & pedicure toes separators
  • Single-use garment dispensing cases
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Soap dishes
  • Stretch wrap film rolls & solarium
  • Tangas / slips and boxers for men
  • Tangas and briefs for women
  • Towel & SPUN-LACED paper napkin
  • Towels and SPUN-LACED paper rolls
  • Two plies tissue paper
  • Vap (-s)
  • Various cabin accessories
  • Wax cartridge disposable
  • Wax heater and miscellaneous
  • Wax heaters
  • Wax in pills and can
  • Wax smelters
  • hygenic tissues and zigzag mini towels
  • masks & cotton wool
  • zig-zag tissues


  • Cosmetics
  • Health & Healthcare Services
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Spas and Resorts
  • Veterinary

Activity classification (NACE)

  • 1712 - Manufacture of paper and paperboard
  • 4676 - Wholesale of other intermediate products

Other information

  • Brands: CamiCel

Last time updated September 2021

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